Official: April UK Launch for Google Nexus One

Google’s Nexus One smartphone will launch in the UK in April with Vodafone.

You heard it first on the Google Nexus One Blog.

We’re told that Vodafone, had been keen for a launch in March but after discussions with Google they have now confirmed that that April is when the company will have a realistic chance of being ready for the launch. It is expected that the UK Google Nexus One will have full multi-touch browsing and full 3g wireless capabilities.

Google has obviously decided to delay launch to ensure that the UK unveling of the Google Nexus One gains maximum publicity.

The phone will go on sale from the Google Nexus One site at

For those folks who decide not to buy a phone on the Vodafone network and decide to get an unlocked UK Google Nexus One then Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3, and T-Mobile all use the 2100-MHz band which works best for the Nexus One.

The cost is expected to be around £45-£75 per month on a pay monthly 24 month contract.

With its high-quality touchscreen, gorgeous design, thin and light weight features the Nexus One is sure to be a hit in the UK ….:-)

Nexus One – Vodafone UK Launch – February

The latest rumour is that the Google Nexus One will be launched in the UK in February on a 24month plan from Vodafone for circa £35.

There are no plans for O2 to stock the Google Nexus One in the UK.

Nexus One German (Deutsch) & European Release

The Google Nexus One is due to be released in Europe in the next few weeks. The UK is the first stopover with Germany next – Vodafone is the appointed European network provider.  The phone is priced at €149.90 euros  which is based on a two year contract on the Deutch Vodafone in Germany.

The Nexus One which runs on the Android 2.1 operating system has been available in the US for two weeks. The phone will be available from the Google Nexus One Store at

No prices are available for SIM free versions although we expect that will be over the $500 mark or €350.

Nexus One Deutsch

Google Nexus One UK Cost (Shipping / Import / Duty & Delivery Costs)

UK Google Nexus One customers who ordered their phones straight after the Google store opened have started receiving the handsets from DHL over the past few days.

Mobile phones are not subject to any import duty in the UK, so there is no import duty payable on the imported Nexus One. However  VAT is payable at the standard rate of 17.5%. It looks likely that you will receive a VAT bill from DHL a few weeks after you receive the phone.

For those UK folks keen to get their hands on a Google Nexus One the following costs apply when purchasing a phone for the UK:

Note: UK adapter (optional) $19.99 (this is a UK plug version of the charger)

Let us know about your experience with the Google Nexus One – we love hearing feedback from our readers.

Google Nexus One Music Store on Amazon

Amazon MP3, which allows Google Android users to download music straight on to their device, has launched a UK version of their iTunes challenger allowing Nexus One users to download music tracks to their phone

Although Amazon has yet to officially announce the launch of the store, the Google Nexus One Blog has seen it working on the latest Google Android handset, the Nexus One, and a number of UK  folks who have imported a handset from the United States, have reported the appearance of the Amazon MP3 icon on their handsets.

This is a major challenge to the itunes dominance of MP3 downloads and another battle in the Google vs Apple war.

Win a Google Nexus One Phone!

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Publish an original review about Infolinks, that includes this video embedded and a link to Infolinks, and then send an email with a link to the post and your full details to (with ‘Nexus One’ in the subject).

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Google Nexus One Support – 3G, HTC, SDK, T-Mobile, Country Support

Some key Google Nexus One Support Questions:-

Q: T-Mobile Upgrade Eligibility: Can current T-Mobile customers buy the Google Nexus One Phone for $179?

A: At this time, only new T-mobile customers are eligible to purchase Nexus One at the discounted price of $179


Q: 3G coverage on the Google Nexus One is poor even in areas where T-Mobile coverage is  good on other handsets?

A: Google appear to have acknowldged that the Nexus One is suffering from weak 3 coverage but have not yet released further information. Replacing the SIM with a USIM results in better 3G connectivity, stability and improved battery life. HTC are also accepting Service Tickets for some of the T-Mobile 3G issues HTC Hotline: 1800 11 33 77. Service Hours: 9.30 AM To 5.30 PM. The phone recognizes SIM cards from any mobile service provider using the GSM standard, but is incompatible with the frequency band used by the AT&T and Rogers networks for 3G data. Additionally, the Nexus One is incompatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint.


Q: Is there a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Google Nexus One?

A: “We hope to release the 2.1 SDK soon,” a Google spokesman said but could not give further details.


Q: What are the supported countries and languages on the Google Nexus One?

A:The Nexus One is available for purchase in the United States and may also be shipped to the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore (Republic of Singapore).

The following languages are available on the Nexus One:

HTC Support Contact Details:

Country Hotline Remark
United States
1-888-216-4736 7 days a week
6am to 1am Eastern Time, toll-free
Hong Kong
English, 廣東話, 中文
+852-3520-1234 Monday – Saturday : 8am – 8pm
English, 中文
1-800-238-7788 Monday – Saturday : 8am – 8pm
United Kingdom
+44-845-890-0079 Monday – Friday : 9am – 6pm
Saturday : 9am – 1pm
* Service hours are based on local times.
Please visit for the latest information about customer service.

T-Mobile Nexus One Support Details

Call us at: 1-800-T-MOBILE
Business customers call: 1-888-537-4242

Google Nexus One Support Issues – Telephone Support Hotline Soon?

With the high profile launch of the Nexus One followed by the teething issues around 3G coverage by T-Mobile, Wi-Fi Wireless issues, inadequate delivery information and lack of “real” customer support Google have released a statement promising improved support levels.

Google has tried to reassure customers that they are resolving complaints as fast as they can  “We work quickly to solve any customer support issues as they come up, and we are trying to be as open and transparent as possible through our online customer help forums,” the company said .“We’ll continue to address all issues in as timely of a manner as possible and look at alternative support mediums where applicable.”

Customers have been clamouring for Google to setup a telephone support line rather than relying on email and forum support.

Google Nexus One Phone Complaints / Support – T-Mobile / HTC

After the US launch of the Google Nexus One Phone on 5th January Google has apparently been inundated with complaints from Nexus One phone users.

The Nexus One phone can only be purchased directly from Google and support is only available direct from Google via their usual email medium. This has led to a number of frustrated phone users who are waiting days for response to some of their queries.

The official Google Nexus One Support pages list the top queries as:

·         Price of the phone

·         Network provider for the phone

·         Sim free options for the Google Nexus One

·         Order and delivery date for the Nexus One

·         Google Nexus One support for 3g networks

A number of Nexus One Users appear to be getting frustrated with neither Google, HTC or T-Mobile taking ownership of some of the support calls.

T-Mobile Support Site for Google Nexus One

Google Mobile Nexus One Support  Page + Forum

HTC Support Page

Given that many folks have paid $500 or £350 for a phone maybe Google should have provided a dedicated support line for the Nexus One phone since teething problems are bound to occur with any new launch?

Google Nexus One available in UK “in weeks” – Vodafone

Nexus One from VodafoneAccording to latest press reports the Google Nexus One Phone will be available for UK users within weeks. Previously a launch in early spring was mooted but it now appears that after huge demand that Google are bringing forward their European launch and the UK is the first European stop-over for the phone. France, Germany and the rest of Europe will apparently have to wait until later in 2010.

For those desperate to lay their hands on the phone you can order it from Google’s Online Store but you will have to order the SIM free version and expect to pay VAT (circa £75) and any customs duty applicable to the phone.

Ebay currently has a number of phones for sale coming from the US and all these are priced at around £430 which is around a £100 premuim on the price direct from Google.

Vodafone have published a list of FAQ’s on the Google Nexus One.