Nexus One – India Australia Deutschland etc.

For those folks who are desperate to obtain a Nexus One and are unable to wait for the Official release in their home country e.g. India, Australia, Germany (Deutschland) and France I came across this useful blog entry which illustrates how to get round Google restrictions on where the Nexus One can be shipped to:

Currently Google will only ship the Nexus One to the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong

Latest update is that for the Eurozone the Nexus One will be priced at around 450 euros.

Please let us have comments on whether this workaround really does work…

Nexus One – Vodafone UK Launch – February

The latest rumour is that the Google Nexus One will be launched in the UK in February on a 24month plan from Vodafone for circa £35.

There are no plans for O2 to stock the Google Nexus One in the UK.

Google Nexus One UK Cost (Shipping / Import / Duty & Delivery Costs)

UK Google Nexus One customers who ordered their phones straight after the Google store opened have started receiving the handsets from DHL over the past few days.

Mobile phones are not subject to any import duty in the UK, so there is no import duty payable on the imported Nexus One. However  VAT is payable at the standard rate of 17.5%. It looks likely that you will receive a VAT bill from DHL a few weeks after you receive the phone.

For those UK folks keen to get their hands on a Google Nexus One the following costs apply when purchasing a phone for the UK:

Note: UK adapter (optional) $19.99 (this is a UK plug version of the charger)

Let us know about your experience with the Google Nexus One – we love hearing feedback from our readers.