Nexus One Multi Touch UK

When the Google Nexus One is released in the UK in the next few weeks it is likely to have the full multi touch capabilities.

Multi-touch is a method of interacting with a the  smartphone. Instead of using a mouse or stylus pen, multi-touch allows the user to interact with the device by placing two or more fingers directly onto the surface of the screen. The movement of the fingers across the screen creates gestures, which send commands to the Nexus One

The multi touch functions have not be enabled in the US due to potential trademark infringement issues with Apple but it looks likely that UK folks will get this great feature. 

For those tech savvy enough to try a hacker going by the name Cyanogen has activated the multi touch feature on the Nexus One , allowing users to unlock the various pinch-zoom and other touch gestures at the cost of possibly invalidating their warranties. There are reports however users could also lose all of their internet bookmarks when activating the hack.

Early demo versions of the phones released the German (Deutsch) market have pinch-to-zoom enabled as standard.