HTC One X Leather Case Review

htc one x leather case pouch onex

We’re so excited with the demo version of the HTC One X phone. With its impressive, crystal clear screen, crisp HTC sense functionality and Android Ice Cream operating system anyone would want to keep their new phone scratch free. Having kept my HTC Desire in an HTC pouch for the last 12 months I’m keen to see how the One X leather pouch stands up given that there are now a number of One X accessories available for the phone from speakers, to docking stations and mini keyboards.

The pouch itself consists of smooth leather into which the HTC One X fits snug. To extract the phone you pull on the tabbed cord at the back of the pouch – previously I had gripes about this with my HTC pouch – the ribbon cord kept getting tangled but the new one seems more robust.

There’s a multitude of ways you can protect your phone but I still think that these HTC leather branded pouches are the smartest ways of carting around what is a £400 phone.