Official: April UK Launch for Google Nexus One

Google’s Nexus One smartphone will launch in the UK in April with Vodafone.

You heard it first on the Google Nexus One Blog.

We’re told that Vodafone, had been keen for a launch in March but after discussions with Google they have now confirmed that that April is when the company will have a realistic chance of being ready for the launch. It is expected that the UK Google Nexus One will have full multi-touch browsing and full 3g wireless capabilities.

Google has obviously decided to delay launch to ensure that the UK unveling of the Google Nexus One gains maximum publicity.

The phone will go on sale from the Google Nexus One site at

For those folks who decide not to buy a phone on the Vodafone network and decide to get an unlocked UK Google Nexus One then Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3, and T-Mobile all use the 2100-MHz band which works best for the Nexus One.

The cost is expected to be around £45-£75 per month on a pay monthly 24 month contract.

With its high-quality touchscreen, gorgeous design, thin and light weight features the Nexus One is sure to be a hit in the UK ….:-)