Nexus One – Flash Player 10.1 – BBC iplayer, YouTube

The Google Nexus One Phone will  support Flash Player 10.1 which of course is not available on the iphone and to date Apple have no plans to make it available.

This means that Google Nexus One owners will be able to use the fab BBC iplayer on their phones to watch TV and films.

I think it’s great that Google and Adobe have partnered on this since it will steal a march on the legions of iphone users who may never get this functionality.

Of course this also means that the Nexus One can play media from other sites such as YouTube video, BBC iPlayer video, MySpace, mega, Yahoo, Facebook.


  1. I much prefer this phone to my old Blackberry pearl- the high speed internet connection allows me to do work on the train, manage my ppc campaigns and update my blogs much easier…

  2. The Nexus one looks very cool, with a heap of features I am keen on. Currently a iPhone user though, and I am pretty happy with it, not sure I will be jumping over just yet.

  3. I have just moved from a Blackberry to a Nexus one and I’m a real fan of the android operating system. let me know what are the best android apps for the nexus one phone , thanks

  4. THanks for the post – shame you can’t get this version of flash on an iphone

  5. Not sure why Apple are playing these games with flash on their kit.

  6. Got a Nexus One with froyo and the flash on it is fab

  7. my nexus one is my fav phone – great blog thanks

  8. Thanks for the gr8 post

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  10. I love the nexus one my fav phone

  11. iphone are not going to survive if they cannot be compatible with flash

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