Nexus One Android beats Iphone on HTML5

Nexus One vs iPhone 4 on HTML5

In a benchmark test, the Nexus One outperfomed the iPhone 4 in rendering HTML5. What’s more, HTML5 rendering on the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 was even worse than Flash 10.1.

The benchmark test was run by Chris Black who ran Android 2.2 on a Nexus One and iOS on the iPhone 4.1. He found that the reliability of the rendering of an animation of a bouncing ball was far better with the Nexus One than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4, through Safari was choppy and the animation came to a halt when zooming in and out.

The Nexus One was far from perfect, however the animation kept running even when zooming in and out.

Flash 10.1 on the iPhone?

Black also ran Flash 10.1 on the Nexus One and found that he was able to achieve 57fps – close to the target of 60fps. What’s more, running Flash 10.1 consumed half of the battery life compared to when running HTML5. iPhone owners may regret choosing a smartphone that can’t reliably run simple HTML5 videos. Adobe may still have a lifeline yet.

The test was also run on an iPod Touch.