HTC Desire & Nexus One Speaker

XMI X-mini HTC Desire SpeakerI recently purchased an XMI X-mini HTC Desire speaker.

It’s a small  very compact unit with rounded design that comes with a small pouch.

My first impressions were that this would be potentially be a let down; another small and sleekly designed speaker that outputs a tinny baseline.

Actually the output and sound quality is quite surprising, when the speaker is unscrewed the design of it actually produces a reasonable quality baseline even at high volume.

I took it on a lad’s weekend with my HTC Desire and the overwhelming feedback was one of surprise at the good quality sound output and funky design.

The 3.5mm jack means that you can also use it with a wide range of other devices such as your PC and MP3 players.

The speaker fits perfectly in a coat pocket and is a must have for anyone with a Nexus One or HTC.

There are also a range of HTC Desire Z accessories available.