Android 2.2 for Nexus One

Version 2.2 of the Android platform is apparently available to download manually to be installed on the Nexus One smartphone, bringing the flagship mobile in line with the latest Google software.

This download has been discovered to be identical to the over the air update that certain US Nexus One owners received in the past few weeks and it is only 1.86MB in size.

To install it, owners apparently have to replace the FRF50 build number with that contained within the file.

The replacement file will bring the Android build up to FRF72 and this will deliver various Android 2.2 improvements, including a smoother, swifter web browsing experience and full support for Flash, according to Phandroid.

Interestingly, reports suggest that the Android update makes the Nexus One far better at detecting 3G networks, which results in better coverage for all owners.

Google Nexus One vs HTC Legend

HTC’s Legend is easily one of the most gorgeous-looking Android handsets – that all-metal body certainly looks fab  – and the good news for UK consumers is that the device is coming to our shores at the end of this month.

The SIM-free price expected to hover somewhere around the £375 mark, including VAT.

That’s a marked improvement over the £450+ that many Nexus One owners are having to pay in order to import their phones from the US, although it should be noted that the Legend doesn’t boast a super-fast Snapdragon CPU.

There’s no word as yet about which network is going to step in and pick up the Legend in this region, but the smart money is on Vodafone, which is also releasing the aforementioned Nexus One in April.

Official: April UK Launch for Google Nexus One

Google’s Nexus One smartphone will launch in the UK in April with Vodafone.

You heard it first on the Google Nexus One Blog.

We’re told that Vodafone, had been keen for a launch in March but after discussions with Google they have now confirmed that that April is when the company will have a realistic chance of being ready for the launch. It is expected that the UK Google Nexus One will have full multi-touch browsing and full 3g wireless capabilities.

Google has obviously decided to delay launch to ensure that the UK unveling of the Google Nexus One gains maximum publicity.

The phone will go on sale from the Google Nexus One site at

For those folks who decide not to buy a phone on the Vodafone network and decide to get an unlocked UK Google Nexus One then Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3, and T-Mobile all use the 2100-MHz band which works best for the Nexus One.

The cost is expected to be around £45-£75 per month on a pay monthly 24 month contract.

With its high-quality touchscreen, gorgeous design, thin and light weight features the Nexus One is sure to be a hit in the UK ….:-)

Win a Google Nexus One Phone

The Google Nexus One Blog has a brand new, unlocked Google Nexus One Phone worth over £400 to give away.

To win the phone all you have to do is post a comment explaining in your opinion what is the best feature of the Nexus One phone and why.

Nexus One Multi Touch UK

When the Google Nexus One is released in the UK in the next few weeks it is likely to have the full multi touch capabilities.

Multi-touch is a method of interacting with a the  smartphone. Instead of using a mouse or stylus pen, multi-touch allows the user to interact with the device by placing two or more fingers directly onto the surface of the screen. The movement of the fingers across the screen creates gestures, which send commands to the Nexus One

The multi touch functions have not be enabled in the US due to potential trademark infringement issues with Apple but it looks likely that UK folks will get this great feature. 

For those tech savvy enough to try a hacker going by the name Cyanogen has activated the multi touch feature on the Nexus One , allowing users to unlock the various pinch-zoom and other touch gestures at the cost of possibly invalidating their warranties. There are reports however users could also lose all of their internet bookmarks when activating the hack.

Early demo versions of the phones released the German (Deutsch) market have pinch-to-zoom enabled as standard.

Nexus One – Vodafone UK Launch – February

The latest rumour is that the Google Nexus One will be launched in the UK in February on a 24month plan from Vodafone for circa £35.

There are no plans for O2 to stock the Google Nexus One in the UK.

Google Nexus One UK Cost (Shipping / Import / Duty & Delivery Costs)

UK Google Nexus One customers who ordered their phones straight after the Google store opened have started receiving the handsets from DHL over the past few days.

Mobile phones are not subject to any import duty in the UK, so there is no import duty payable on the imported Nexus One. However  VAT is payable at the standard rate of 17.5%. It looks likely that you will receive a VAT bill from DHL a few weeks after you receive the phone.

For those UK folks keen to get their hands on a Google Nexus One the following costs apply when purchasing a phone for the UK:

Note: UK adapter (optional) $19.99 (this is a UK plug version of the charger)

Let us know about your experience with the Google Nexus One – we love hearing feedback from our readers.

Google Nexus One – Weak Sales?

Reports from Market research firm Flurry have indicated that sales of the Google Nexus One were around 20,000 in its first week.

Given the hype that the launch generated this is below what might have been expected given previous launches of handsets.

Next to the weak first week sales figure, the Nexus One has also seen mounting complaints over the 3G wireless connectivity of the Nexus One and the lack of development toolsets for the Android platform.

Google Nexus One available in UK “in weeks” – Vodafone

Nexus One from VodafoneAccording to latest press reports the Google Nexus One Phone will be available for UK users within weeks. Previously a launch in early spring was mooted but it now appears that after huge demand that Google are bringing forward their European launch and the UK is the first European stop-over for the phone. France, Germany and the rest of Europe will apparently have to wait until later in 2010.

For those desperate to lay their hands on the phone you can order it from Google’s Online Store but you will have to order the SIM free version and expect to pay VAT (circa £75) and any customs duty applicable to the phone.

Ebay currently has a number of phones for sale coming from the US and all these are priced at around £430 which is around a £100 premuim on the price direct from Google.

Vodafone have published a list of FAQ’s on the Google Nexus One.


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