Android HTC Desire


The HTC Desire is a beautiful piece of technology. It looks great (in copper and black colours) and feels superb in your hand. The feeling of quality is confirmed when you switch it on and the super bright screen quickly appears (no long boot times with this phone). I had a play with an iPhone 4 last week and it felt very similar to this phone, although the iPhone interface (OS4) looks a little tired compared to this phone. The Desire comes with Android 2.1 and HTC has added the “Sense” skin to it. The combination (Android plus Sense) looks great – and much nicer than Apple’s clunky looking interface.

These products are not really phones. They’re more small computers. If you only want to phone and text you should get a real smartphone such as a Blackberry. But if you want a 21st Century communication device, this phone is almost perfect. It’s only weakness is the battery life. It’s not a show-stopper since you really will get a full days use out of it unless you have way too much time on your hands, but it will need to be charged every day. I switch off my phone every evening (honestly, you can too, you’re not that important) and leave it to charge overnight.

My favourite features just have to be the Sat Nav on android Google Maps and the fact that you can just plug this phone into a PC and hey ho you have 3g dongle broadband speeds.

Another great phone from HTC.